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The Game  Changer
in Nano-Emulsions

Nanoemulsions derived from our SuperbX Extracts ; Truly Clean Extracts that Guarantee High Bioavailability in Food, Beverages, Cosmetics  and Medicines.

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Clean Extract Mixes

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Let Your Products Use the Latest Technologies

All our creations use state of the art technologies from proprietary drying and extraction technologies to nuclear magnetic resonance to identify and monitor chemical components with elevated precision. 

Create Never Seen Unique Products.

Our technology  supports clean extraction from any vegetal, thus having pure ingredients to create proprietary formulas with suitability for various routes of administration.

Versatility in Mixology with Precise Bioavailability.

Nanoemulsions deployment is based on a growing portfolio of plant bioactives with high bioavailability, allowing to spark creativity without additional expensive processes.

Formulas with Superior Consistency, Quality and  Stability.

We commence from high-quality, emulsified, and stable pure ingredients that will remain consistent and retain their attributes in smaller droplets.

Maintain Desired Taste, Aroma and Color.

Being hyper-soluble, SuperbX ingredients will facilitate food-engineering by preserving original formulas and enhancing them with the desired therapeutic or medicinal effect.

Unprecedent Purity. Impeccable Quality.
Optimal Biochemical Attributes.

Our nanoemulsions are based on SuperbX Extracts which through patented processes materialized water-based emulsions that are free of contaminants. Pure water-soluble ingredients are the key to enhance quality and biochemical attributes with uses for a variety of industries.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Unique & Exclusive Value Proposal


Pure & Clean Solutions


Water Soluble


Wax, Oil & Metal Free


World Wide Patent

Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Now is possible to create products with clean bioactives in a simple way. SuperbX ingredients will help you to accelerate product creation to accelerate your business.

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